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The Site Is Back Up

We are back….

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This blog is the official information center of the community. You can find here all latest news about the technical issues the site may face, especially in case of downtime.

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During Our Downtime Visit The Warez-BB IRC Network

The issues are still being worked on to get the site going but in the meantime you may visit our IRC network and chat with your fellow Warez-BB members @ #Warez-BB.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this downtime.

“Update” Site Is Still Down But Is Being Worked On

Hang in there! The issues have been identified and are currently being worked on and if every thing goes as it should, we will be back soon.

Site Is Down

The Problem is currently being looked into and hopefully will be resolved shortly.

Search Engine And CAPTCHA Are Now Working

Search Engine And CAPTCHA Have been fixed.

There will be some follow up maintenance but it should not affect the site

Search Engine And CAPTCHA Issue

We have developed a problem with the site’s Search Engine in that it is not working at all at the moment.

The CAPTCHA also started displaying for everyone due to the Search Engine issue and this is happening for the old and new members alike.

Tech Support is investigating the issue with the Search Engine and the CAPTCHA and we are hoping to have these problems resolved soon.

DNS Issue Resolved

The DNS issue has been resolved but still may take another 12-24 hours to get traffic completely back to normal

DNS Issue Update

It appears that the DNS issue will not be resolved for at least another 24 hours but hopefully less.

So hang in there we are doing our best to get this resolved as soon as possible.

Adding the Host File fix to your host file will get you to the site in the meantime.

The Site Is Up But Experiencing A DNS Issue

The site is up however we are experiencing a DNS issue.

We are currently working on the issue and are hoping to have the problem fixed soon.

Taking forum down temporarily

We’re taking the forum down temporarily to perform some immediate optimizations to the database. We should be back up within 30min.

Edit: It’s back up. You should notice less lag.


Hi all,

We’re currently down at the moment and the admins are working on restoring services.

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