Memcache server move again

We have found that our new set up to be inadequate, we have decided to move our memcache server once again to a faster internal network. This will result in 1 minute of downtime.

Search is back

Search has started to index new topics once again. However, we no longer index the Graveyard.

Please note, we will begin pruning the Graveyard within the next week, please ensure you have backed up the content that you wish to back up.


We have been under a DDoS attack for the last few days. Our datacenters have been helping us mitigate this problem, and we have recently started enabling techniques to nullify such attacks. This can cause connection issues that will come and go. We are working to mitigate those issues.

Memcache server downtime

We will pull down the forum for a short period of time as we upgrade our Memcached server. Expect up to 1 hour of intermittent downtime.

Edit: We have upgraded the Memcached server without any downtime.

Just A Reminder…..

If you still have the DNS Hosts File fix for Warez-BB in your Hosts File please remove it, it is no longer needed and may prevent you from accessing the site. ;)

Load balancing

With the down time earlier this week, we have had the time to experiment with different load balancing rules. We have recently changed from randomly selecting a backend to a least connection round robin. This has dramatically improved the performance, resulting in an average decrease of 1 second in response times and a dramatic increase in throughput.