Fixed 502 bad gateway errors

For a few months, our servers have had to endure 500 errors. The solution to those errors was to clear the cookies and hope it didn’t come back. This elusive error has been fixed.

The error was due to a particular cookie being too large for a particular header limit within nginx. This limit has been increased which effectively resolves the issue.

DNS Issue Fixed

The DNS issue has been fixed but may take up to 24 hours to reach through the web.

If you modified your Hosts file with the fix to gain access to the site, it is recommended that you remove it as soon as all the 502 issues have cleared up for you for better site access speed. If you do need to use the Hosts fix still for the short term go here:

PM Received Notification Does Not Work On The Site

The PM Received Notification As most of you are aware is not working on the site and has not worked since the move, it is your responsibility to check your inbox regularly for received PM’s till this problem is corrected.
Currently there is no time frame for when this problem will be resolved but it is being looked at.

504 Gateway Time-out Update

The DNS problem appears to have cleared up and if you did install the temporary hosts file fix please remove it.
It will still work but you will find that the access speed to the site will now be faster without the hosts file fix.

The new registration is now open

Search is back

Search has started to index new topics once again. However, we no longer index the Graveyard.

Please note, we will begin pruning the Graveyard within the next week, please ensure you have backed up the content that you wish to back up.