The Site Is Up!

The techs were able to do a fix and get the site back up which is great, however there is still an issue on the server that will need some maintenance so we will need to do a scheduled downtime to fix the problems correctly in the near future and we will let you know when this will be done.

However the recovery effort did require us to disable the search feature so at present the search feature will not be available and may not be available until the repairs to the server have been completed.


The Problem May Be More Serious Than We First Thought

The problem is still being evaluated by the techs, we will know more later today but we may have had a major issue that has occurred on our server and instead of a few hours the site may be down for up to a week to make repairs.

This was a very unexpected issue to occur so please bear with us and check back for further updates.

DB Issue

We are currently having a DB issue from the earlier short downtime
This will affect posting replies, reviving topics and other related actions
This should be resolved soon