We Are Up And Strong Now But The Outgoing Email Is Down

It appears we were not having a DDoS issue but a network issue on the server and that has been resolved.

If you are having a problem still accessing the site, remove any hosts file fix attempts and especially remove

The outgoing email is down and currently troubleshooting  is in progress, it will be another 24 hours till the outgoing email is back on line, I will post in the blog when it is up.


The site is up and running and it appears was never the problem,  however there is an issue reaching the site and this will be what will be looked into and sorting out.

We will be back as soon as this issue has been resolved, sorry for the inconvenience

The Site Is Back Up

The search engine is indexing currently and it should be back operational in less than 12 hours since we do have a large Database to index
We will still be doing some work in the background but this should not affect the site