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The Site Is Back Up

We are back….

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This blog is the official information center of the community. You can find here all latest news about the technical issues the site may face, especially in case of downtime.

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MySQL optimizations

We are working on ways to improve the speed of the site. We’ve started making optimizations to some of the tables so that queries will run faster. We will keep you informed as we do more work.

We Are Back

The site is back up, some maintenance still in work.

Maintanence Still In Progress

We are sorry for the inconvenience but it will be taking longer than expected.

Site Down For A Short Maintenance

The Site is down for a short maintenance and will be back shortly

The Outgoing Email Has Been Fixed

The problem with the emails not being sent out from Warez-BB due to some issues that occurred during the recent server migration has been fixed. You should now begin seeing your emails on a regular basis again.

And just to mention it again the problem in the Support Center has been fixed with the CAPTCHA and has been operating for about a week now.

We appreciate your patience while we resolved these issues that occured during our server migration.

Happy Holidays to all

Outgoing email still has an issue

We thought we had the outgoing email fixed but it appears to have another issue.

It is being looked at but may be a little delayed with Christmas almost upon us.

In the meantime…

Best Wishes to all!

And to all a Merry Christmas!

Email and support fixed

As part of the migration, we faced email and support captcha issues. The first, was that email was not being sent out to anyone. This has been fixed and all previous undelivered email has been resent. The second, was a issue with captcha. Although we worked around this issue by turning it off. It caused a high influx of spam which increased response times for legitimate support tickets. This has been re-enabled and spam has ceased.

Merry Christmas

Migration update

A few minor problems are still being worked on.

The Support Center is now working but unfortunately the email is still presently down

Migration update

The migration to img10 is almost done, currently we are stalled on the completion while we fix a couple of issues that presented themselves.

Currently the Support Center has an issue and at present is unreachable also the outgoing email is down.

These issues that occurred during the migration should be corrected shortly.


Migration status

We’ve moved most of the data across to img10 and are finishing up on the configuration. We shouldn’t be too much longer.

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